Aromatix Air



The Client

Nick, CEO of Aromatix Air needed a large e-commerce store to sell his cool and luxurious air diffusers. This was a massive project that took a-lot of effort, however, it was really fun and we both are very happy with the result.

The Goal

The goal was to have detailed landing pages explaining each product in extreme detail, taking the customer on the sales journey and holding their hand to the checkout. We had a-lot of content to showcase and tied it all together with efficient email automation software so we could capture leads and market Nicks amazing products post purchase. We also included a quiz to help segment his audience and market the right products to the right people.



We were both really happy with the results and look forward to improving the homes of many happy customers throughout the US. The aesthetic is very clean, and it presents an extremely clear path towards a defined goal.

Highlight 1

Vibe check is where Aromatix scents are on display. It showcases each scent, segmenting them into different categories to fit a specific “Vibe”. Each scent then leads to a product page where they are broken down and can be purchased.

Highlight 2

The Shop page where each product can be easily found and purchased. I also included a subscription service so that customers can pay each month and get their scents at a discounted price.

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