Delilah’s Dagger Alternate Design

Tattoo and piercing concept



The Client

Leanne is an amazing tattoo artist with her own studio, she has multiple apprentices and over 10 years of tattooing experience. Her studio is comprised of 5 artists and has recently been refurbished to provide a lovely atmosphere for customers.

The Goal

The goal was to exhibit their gorgeous artwork with a dynamic gallery, show off their action-packed, fun-themed events, and include a booking system to help the process flow smoother.



Events page showing themed events around the year, these events were super popular and a lot of fun, showing Delilah’s dagger isn’t just about the great tattoo work, but about the atmosphere and friendly environment created by the staff.

Highlight 1

Dynamic gallery content is shown from each artist’s portfolio so visitors can see their amazing artwork for themselves. There is a call to action in each portfolio section, to allow visitors to book a session with their preferred artist.

Highlight 2

Dynamic gallery content, a close-up view of each image allowing the user to cycle through the content.

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