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Tattoo and Piercing
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The Client

Leanne is an amazing tattoo artist who owns her own studio, she has multiple apprentices and has over 10 years of experience in the industry. She specializes in neo-traditional and ornamental but can tattoo a wide variety of styles. Her studio is all-female and houses 5 artists in total. This project is not a live site, but I built it out to showcase to potential clients.

The Goal

The original design is a longer home page layout, putting more emphasis on nice-looking animations and a large shared gallery that allows users to navigate to personal portfolio pages and book a session.



This project is a concept and isn’t live, it’s just to showcase the design and to give an idea of what’s possible for your own project.

Highlight 1

Artist page, showing each artist’s personal portfolio

Highlight 2

Includes a long gallery showing every artist’s best pieces, you can then navigate to that artist’s personal portfolio page and book in a session making the process streamlined and easy for the user.

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