Healthy Lifestyle Blog

A personal blog



The Client

This is a concept project. It was not created by request, but instead to showcase what is possible for your very own blog site.

The Goal

My goal was to show the potential of a personal blog and all the features available. It’s very customizable so no matter what type of content you have, it’ll look great, be organized, and easy to read.



The blog has a large banner image on each page capturing the visitor’s attention. After that are the featured posts, an email subscription form, and a sidebar that displays personal information while allowing navigation to other popular blogposts. In the footer, there’s a built-in Instagram feed that automatically updates.

Highlight 1

This blog design allows you to easily create and add various category pages, so no matter how much content you have, it’s organized and easy to read.

Highlight 2

At the bottom of each blog post, I added social shares so visitors can interact and share the content they love. There’s also a related post section to reach similar content on your page.

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