The Client

Tom runs his own fitness business focused on helping people achieve the best shape of thier life through personal training, corporate fitness, and intense 8week crash courses.

The Goal

The goal was to highlight Tom’s lean fit & strong program, really driving sales in this area. I showed his clients amazing results and testimonials throughout, building social proof and enticing new potential customers.



The result? Amazing! Super pleased with how it came out, and we achieved everything we set out to. Overall the design is very clean and really highlights Tom’s high quality content.

Highlight 1

Each specific program has its own page expanding on all the benefits and reasons to enrol. It goes into detail taking customers on a journey that answers most queries, before leading them to the sign up form.

Highlight 2

A small section showcasing Tom’s credentials and his personal journey leading him to where he is today. It explains why he chooses to help people through fitness, and expands on his many years of experience.

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